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How It Works

Real-Time Feedback for Speakers

Presenters can check in real-time how their participants feel, or if they encounter technical issues. Based on the audience feedback, speakers can adjust how they deliver their message on-the-fly.

Not a One-Time Survey

Soado takes webinars and online meetings to a whole new level by allowing everyone to rate the speakers in real time, and as often as they want during the presentation.

Get Better at Presenting!

Meetings organisers can get a feeling about how usefull the participants think the meeting is. The feedbacks are kept anonymous.

How It Looks

Speakers have access to their webinar personal dashboards that updates live.
Participants rate the webinar during the whole session from the page dedicated to the webinar.

What Is Soado?

Assess the mood of your audience using real-time feedbacks. No installations or downloads required - and it's free!

Track your webinar's performance and learn how to improve your next session.

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The Ideal Feedback Tool for online events

Discover how your webinar or online conference participants feel while your are presenting. Our app capture valuable insight about your audience, and allow you to adapt what you say and how you say it depending on the live inputs.

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